What are vanity lights called?

There are many titles for vanity lights, which have different names depending on the installation method and installation scene.

Wall Lights:

Since vanity light is usually installed on the wall, some people will also call him a wall lamp, wall light, wall sconce, sconce, etc, but such a term is too general and can easily cause confusion, so it is relatively accurate to name by the installation scene.

Bathroom Vanity Light:

The bathroom is a common installation place for vanity light, so bathroom vanity light is the most popular name, and there are other similar names such as: bathroom lights, bathroom vanity, bathroom sconce, bathroom light fixtures, etc.

Farmhouse vanity lights:

The farm is an important application scene of vanity lights. Farmhouse vanity light has strong light, but it takes up a small space. It can be installed on the wall or on the wooden board. It is easy to install and cheap. It is the best choice for farm lighting.